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Marybeth Pixley

I am grateful each day I get to help my patients navigate some of their most personal issues. My goal with every patient is to blend their physical healing with all parts of their lives. I work hard to ensure that my patients feel equipped to reach their goals even with a busy work schedule, a full family calendar, or a challenging relationship dynamic.

For some, coming to physical therapy is an act of courage, and I strive to honor and foster that during each session. My approach to healing is grounded in the connection of the mind and body, so we will work together to restore confidence and harmony within the body through strength training, mobility, and education.

I especially enjoy helping patients navigate sexual health, intimacy issues, and pelvic pain. Some diagnoses that this can include are Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, painful intercourse or sex, painful gynecological visits, and pain due to endometriosis and PCOS. I know these topics can be difficult or embarrassing to discuss, so making sure my patients feel comfortable, heard, and empowered during every session is important to me.
In addition, I enjoy helping individuals get back into the gym or workout routine with confidence. Whether recovering from pregnancy or birth, an injury, or just wanting to feel stronger, I believe we can all find movement and exercise that energizes us and heals us. I love to help my patients trust their body to move freely and easily throughout any life activity or workout.

I am most proud in my work when I can offer hope and long withstanding support to my patients, even in their most challenging circumstances.

Marybeth received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northeastern State University in 2016. She graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Tulsa Community College in 2020. She has taken several courses through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute including Sexual Medicine and Pelvic Floor Levels 1, 2A, and 2B. ( She has been a part of the Physical Therapy of Tulsa team since 2020.

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