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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

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First, we want to welcome you.

It can be difficult to see a life without your pelvic pain or dysfunction. At Physical Therapy of Tulsa, we believe in finding an approach unique to you that will renew your hope for restoring the health of your body and your relationships.

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Renewed Hope, Restored Health
Why Naturopathy

Why Pelvic Rehab?

Check out all of the ways pelvic rehabilitation can help with your specific experience and needs.

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Common​ experiences & diagnoses


Pain doesn't have to be a part of your daily story.

Finding the root cause of your pain and the best rehabilitation is essential. 

Restored health without pain is possible for you.


Tailbone/Coccyx Pain   Sciatica    SI Joint Pain

Endometriosis    Hip Pain    Low Back Pain


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Common​ experiences & diagnoses


"Having a glass or wine" or "relaxing" isn't going to help your pain during sex. It's not  "all in your head" and you are not alone - we can help.

Renewed hope in enjoyable sexual experiences is possible for you. 

Painful Intercourse   Vaginismus   Sexual Education

Vulvodynia   Sexual Dysfunctions   PGAD

Sexual Wellness

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Common​ experiences & diagnoses


Having children, being over the age of 40, exercising, jumping, running, and laughing are not reasons for leakage.

Incontinence, whether bowel or bladder can effect all parts of your life. Let's get you back to living the way you want - without fear of leaking.


IBS   Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC)

Incontinence   Urgency    Frequency   Constipation

Bowel & Bladder Issues

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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Common​ experiences & diagnoses


All aches and pains during pregnancy aren't normal. Together, can do our best to make your pregnancy more enjoyable.


Whether you are currently pregnant, just had your little one, or your little one is all grown up, every person deserves specialized care throughout their parenthood journey.

Diastasis Recti (DRA)   Pubic Symphysis Pain   

 Birth Preparation   Postpartum Wellness 

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Weakness & Prolapse

Common​ experiences & diagnoses


Perhaps your workouts don't feel quite right or you don't feel as strong as you would like doing every day tasks.

We want to help you get back to running, lifting, jumping, walking - without pain or dysfunction. 

Whether you are trying to enhance your athletic performance or just feel better moving, we can help.


Prolapse   Incontinence   Weakness

Frequent Injuries

Let's get started, together.

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